The Ruling Party and the Country Party, Part 2

In the summer of 2010, Angelo Codevilla's seminal essay on the separation of Americans into a Ruling Party and a Country Party set the tone for the November 2010 Republican landslide. Professor Codevilla's new sequel, at, makes the case that the Republican establishment has joined the ruling party rather than represent the country class, leaving the country class without representation and setting the stage for a breakaway new party. In Codevilla's view, the incorporation of the Republican establishment into the ruling party leaves dissidents free to "pursue their own vision and with a monopoly of opposition." [emphasis in original] The fact that a majority of Americans think we are on the wrong track, and that a majority of Americans view the government as a "threat to their welfare and liberties," indicates a broad opposition that is underrepresented at best by the establishment Republican Party: In 1776 America's country class responded to lack of representation by...(Read Full Post)