When the Movie Moguls get the Message

To read most conservative websites you'd have to believe that Hollywood is the holy mecca of liberal hypocrisy, a swarming hive of limousine liberals, and the indulgence capital of the world. And I do happen to believe the truth of that, an assessment arrived at decades ago and acted upon by my absolute absence in movie theaters for those same decades. For conservatives, going to the movies long ago became a form of self-flagellation where one pays exorbitant prices for admission and confections just so you can sit there and have your core philosophical, religious, and political value, (not to mention your intelligence), insulted and demeaned for two hours. Someone writing at this very website recently said something to the effect that, "I keep going back, hoping that this time it will be different; but then it never is." Three simple words of advice:

Quit going back.

What amazes me is how Hollywood bashing, conservative websites perversely devote so much material to covering liberal garbage perennially produced by people who obviously view those same conservative websites and their product with utter contempt. Last week it sank to the level of nausea for me with all the breathless speculation among conservatives about the potential Oscar winners. What conservative should give a rat's patootie who is elected king and queen of the rich hypocrites' annual ball? And post-ball, why should they be writing indignantly about who won and who didn't?

Who cares?

Hollywood has supposedly long been run by some of the shrewdest businessmen on the planet, which has always begged the question: If they're so damned shrewd, why do they insist on insulting more than half of their potential market with their product? And the answer is, envelope please, drumroll please, tah dah! Because they can! You conservatives, who continue to live in awe of the magic lantern with your movie attendance and your reviews, willingly make it possible for your best-armed political enemies to eviscerate your beliefs. Hollywood moguls view conservative America as a bunch of rubes who are suckers for punishment, all too willing to pay to be kicked in the teeth, a not unreasonable assessment.

Conservatives can rage against Hollywood all they want but until they collectively turn their backs on and totally shun the product of these rich hypocrites who despise them, the cunning moguls and shallow stars will continue to laugh all the way to the bank. For those of you conservatives who feel compelled to allow Hollywood to continue to infect your soul: It's time for an exorcism.

And no, such a shunning by conservative America will not result in the demise of the movie industry. Rather, it will lead those shrewd businessmen to the realization that their product needs to change. To them it's all about money; when conservatives realize that fact and exercise the immense power of passive resistance through absenting themselves from the theaters and videos, the moguls will get the message. When that happens, we will all be able to have an occasional night at the movie theater that is actually enjoyable.

Well, except for those exorbitant prices...

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