Preservation vs. Vandalism

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is staging its most ambitious exhibition -- a massive archeological reconstitution of King Herod's palaces and burial site, including his elaborate sarcophagus. Both the New York Times and the Washington Post devote lengthy articles to the exhibit, including prominent mention of Palestinian protests that Israel is appropriating artifacts from the West Bank that belong to a future Palestinian state. The Times' headline reads: ''Anger That a Herod Show Uses West Bank Objects" (by Jodi Rudoren, Feb. 14, page A9) The Post headlines its version: "In Israel's Herod exhibit, Palestinian see cultural theft" (by Joel Greenberg, Feb. 14, page A7). Both articles provide a forum for bogus Palestinian charges that the Israel Museum is violating international law because the exhibit somehow assumes that the West Bank will always be part of Israel, leaving no room for a Palestinian state. This is utter nonsense. Under the Oslo Accords, signed by Israel and the...(Read Full Post)