'Obamastration' is premeditated incompetence

Sequestration.  No.  It is "Obamastration."  And it is premeditated incompetence. Just listen to House Speaker John Boehner writing in the Wall Street Journal: During the summer of 2011, as Washington worked toward a plan to reduce the deficit to allow for an increase in the federal debt limit, President Obama and I very nearly came to a historic agreement. Unfortunately our deal fell apart at the last minute when the president demanded an extra $400 billion in new tax revenue--50% more than we had shaken hands on just days before. It was a disappointing decision by the president, but with just days until a breach of the debt limit, a solution was still required--and fast. I immediately got together with Senate leaders Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell to forge a bipartisan congressional plan. It would be called the Budget Control Act. The plan called for immediate caps on discretionary spending (to save $917 billion) and the creation of a special House-Senate...(Read Full Post)