NY Times uses Prisoner X affair to smear Israel

Israeli media are consumed these days by a spy mystery about a presumed ex-Mossad agent who allegedly was ready to spill the beans about sundry secrets just as he was arrested by Israel and later found hanged in his jail cell. Western media, including the New York Times, also have jumped on the story with its ample supply of twists and turns. The Times, however, goes a few steps too far with its own version by turning the mystery of Prisoner X into an all-out slanderous indictment of Israel itself. Here, for example, is how Jodi Rudoren, the Times' Jerusalem bureau chief, puts it in the Feb. 15 edition: "'The Prisoner X affair is a classic story of Israel failure,' read the headline over a column by Amir Oren in the left-leaning daily newspaper Haaretz.  'The most sensitive agencies aren't functioning,' Mr. Oren wrote:  'In its 65th year, the State of Israel still doesn't control the basics.'" Haaretz a "left-leaning" paper?  Hardly.  "Far left" would be more to...(Read Full Post)