Foggy Thinking on Smog

Coal gets blamed for all the bad things, even the Asian Smog. What causes this smog? Dust is a significant component. Winds whip up dust from dry land, roads, construction sites and the huge Gobi Desert, or an up-wind volcano explodes. No dust comes from a modern well-designed coal-fired power station. Smogs may also contain soot and ash. These come from open-air fires all over Asia burning wood, cow dung, paper, cardboard, plastic, rubber tyres and other rubbish; from stoves and heaters using unwashed high sulphur coal or high-ash briquettes; from forest fires in Indonesia, cremations in India and yeontans in Korea. Some comes from ancient combustion engines, coal boilers and furnaces. None comes from a modern coal-fired power station. Some smog contains compounds of sulphur, nitrogen or other chemical pollutants. These fumes are produced by open fires and vehicle exhausts, especially from badly-maintained vehicles and phut-phuts. They are not released by modern power stations. Those...(Read Full Post)