Talking heads, Hezb'allah-style

When Hezb'allah's al Manar TV has a talking heads show with experts, it's not exactly Charlie Rose.

Deluded progressives insist that Israel is the obstacle to peace in the Middle East. Watch this 42 second political discussion on Hezb'allah's al Manar television, and think about sitting at a bargaining table with these folks. When the forces of jihad decided to manufacture a Palestinian national identity, preventing refugees and evacuees (those who left at the advice of their religious leaders, to come back after the Jews were slaughtered) from assimilating with their Arab brothers, they set about to manufacture a culture to go with it, using clerics, mosques, print, digital, and broadcast media, among many other tools.

That culture is steeped in grievance. It is steeped in aggression. And it is steeped in violence.

What you see on al Manar television is the high end of that culture - the elites who get to be on television shows telling the masses what to think. These fellas are among the more polite, thoughtful, and well-spoken members of that culture - role models, in fact.

The rougher and more ruthless sorts who populate the leadership of Hezb'allah are far more difficult, interpersonally. Negotiated peace? Yeah, right

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