Barack Obama: The Paper Tiger

Republicans are making a big mistake. They are afraid to stand up against Barack Obama, apparently because they believe he can sway millions of Americans to do his bidding.  GOP legislators apparently think their relatively poor standing in public opinion polls puts them at a disadvantage vis-à-vis Obama and the Democrats. They need to think again. A glance at some pertinent statistics makes one wonder why anyone would quake in her/his boots when dealing with this person. A recent Rasmussen daily presidential approval/disapproval tracking poll (02/22/13) has Obama at 52% approval vs. 47% disapproval. (His approval rating since the 2012 election has been as low as 51%.)  More important, when it comes to "strongly" approve/disapprove, Obama is in the hole, 31% to 36%.  Obama's generally modest standing with the public is confirmed by recent Quinnipiac University polls. Quinnipiac University released a poll on December 6, 2012 showing 53% of the public approved of how...(Read Full Post)