Feds Finally Make Profitable Investment

Many people are concerned about the two-billion plus rounds of ammo purchased by non-military Federal agencies as of late.  Considering some of the radical people Obama has surrounded himself with, and his goal of "fundamentally transforming" the United States, is it any wonder conspiracy theories abound?  

But what if the Obama administration isn't quite as economically illiterate as it appears to be on the surface?  What if these purchases are really just about getting a great return on investment for the taxpayer?

By hoarding billions of rounds of ammo and bashing the Second Amendment at the same time, the Administration is both reducing supply and increasing demand.  This perfect storm has ammunition prices skyrocketing.

If the Obama Administration keeps up this gun-bashing-bullet-buying spree, within a few years, the profits from selling off all these ammo stockpiles may be enough to pay off a significant portion of our national debt.

Actually, I'm sure this Administration would still find a way to turn this 'easy money' into a loss for the taxpayer.

Scott blogs at www.politiseeds.com