NY Times adopts Palestinia​n terrorist prisoners

In its coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the New York Times shows far more sympathy for Palestinian terrorists imprisoned in Israeli jails than for their victims, as witness a Feb. 20 article by Jerusalem correspondent Isabel Kershner ("Palestinians In Prisons Refuse Meals In a Protest" page A8.) Kershner, in her lead paragraph, tells readers that "hundreds of Palestinian security prisoners" refused meals on Feb. 19 in sympathy with four detainees on lengthy hunger strikes. Their protests, she adds, are intended to pressure Israel before President Obama's visit to the region next month. The headline and the lead paragraph are both overblown and misleading. For one thing, Kershner and the headline writer disguise the fact that the one-day sympathy strikers constituted less than 10 percent of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. And for another thing, Kershner shies away from reporting their actual crimes. "Security prisoners" is her peculiar euphemism for Palestinian...(Read Full Post)