What Passes as News These Days

Those of us on the right have certainly become familiar with the term 'low-information voter' recently, and for good reason.  But perhaps we should be more concerned with the 'mis-information voter'.  These include many well meaning, otherwise educated people whose worldview is shaped largely by the 'information' they consume, but are not particularly discerning as to the sources of that information nor the agendas of those supplying it. Much of this information is offered under the guise of 'hard news' as opposed to editorial opinion or political spin.  But when this 'hard news' strays from simply presenting the facts and allowing the reader to interpret them as they will, to blatantly misconstruing those facts, though often in a very stealthy manner, the result is not the aforementioned 'low-information' voter, but, perhaps worse, the 'mis-information' voter. Exhibit A, from yesterday's Los Angeles Times in an article on the 'Fiscal Cliff Negotiations': The...(Read Full Post)