WaPo Tars the IDF

In his latest hit on Israel, Joel Greenberg, the Washington Post's Jerusalem correspondent, gins up a report from B'Tselem, a self-described "human rights" group with an anti-Israel agenda, which accuses the IDF of using live fire to kill Palestinian protesters. ("Concerns arise about Israeli use of force -- 5 unarmed Palestinians fatally shot by troops since start of year" Jan. 29, page A9) Here's how Greenberg puts it in his lead paragraph: "A spate of fatal shootings of unarmed Palestinians by Israeli soldiers this month has raised concerns about the use of live fire by troops facing protesters and guarding Israel's separation barrier in the West Bank." Citing B'tselem as his source, Greenberg writes that a report by this "Israeli human rights group" accuses the IDF of "extensively and systematically" violating their own rules of engagement. The only direct Israeli rebuttal in Greenberg's piece is that the army called B'Tselem's report a "biased narrative" and said the...(Read Full Post)