Vote Stealing Dem Pleads Guilty to Beating up Girlfriend

If you're a Democrat operative forced to resign for facilitating vote fraud, what do you do for a follow-up? If you said "brutally attack your girlfriend, cracking her skull," your name just might be Patrick Moran. And if you've skated on both counts, your father just might be Jim Moran, Democrat congressman from Virginia. Patrick Moran was the field director for his father's campaign before the election -- that is, until a sting operation caught him on video coaching an undercover reporter on how to commit vote fraud.  He sounded as if he'd already achieved semi-pro status, too.  But since undermining our republic is obviously right up there with jaywalking, he didn't have to spend any quality time basket-weaving with one of his father's most reliable constituencies.  And now we learn that Moran's relational conflict resolution is morally congruent with his philosophy on electoral success. Writes Washington's City Paper: Moran and his girlfriend were fighting outside...(Read Full Post)