Gun Lists and Unintended Consequences

The imprudence born of liberal vanity will always produce foreseeable unintended consequences. It's a remarkable blindness that strikes those fully convinced of their indispensible role in the quest for utopia. And the more convinced, the less thoughtful they are. Liberalism and virtue continue to be antonyms.

The current efforts in Connecticut and New York to make public the names and addresses of handgun permit holders are perfect examples of just-do-something imprudence.

It is beyond humorous that nothing would accelerate gun purchases faster than the publishing of such a registry because an aspiring home invasion specialist would use the registry to maximize his or her chances of success, and minimize his or her chances of injury. Likewise, the last place any law-abiding homeowner would want to find him or herself would be left off the gun permit holder list.

Who knows what the murky liberal mind was up to here, but the result is obvious to a clear thinking Texan. Whether gun owners or not, we Texas residents benefit from the friendly gun environment because of one concern that is ever present in the minds of criminals -- that house or that person might be packing.

The current calls for publishing the names and addresses of gun owners removes that concern for a criminal. The publishing of a gun permit registry is the equivalent of handing out a free low-risk home invasion map. Brilliant.

Heads up unarmed Connecticut and New York residents! Get on the list or get robbed.