USPS Sticker Shock

If you haven't heard yet, you will soon. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has once again raised the postage rates. Now don't get me wrong, if all you ever mail is the occasional letter, and/or the only country you ever mail to is the U.S., you won't be put out by much, just a few cents. However, if you send internationally, you're in for a nasty surprise. I have a small, no, make that tiny, business. It's a sideline, mainly because it doesn't earn enough to be anything else, but none the less I'd like to eventually have it be bigger.  What I sell is not important, but the fact that fully a third of my sales are international is important. As of now, my international shipping rates have doubled, at the least. Why the huge increase for international?  I have no idea.  All that I know is that I can no longer offer my valued customers outside of the U.S. the good shipping rates I have been able to until now.  Surely, many, many, many small sellers are facing...(Read Full Post)