Is the Obama administration deliberately feeding the flames in Egypt?

What the Muslim Brotherhood's victory in Egypt meant was the end of any hope on the part of secularists, women, and especially Egyptian Christians who were yearning for equal rights and the beginning of a true and enlightened fledgling democracy. Instead, they will now be forced to endure ominous Islamic Sharia law restrictions on their few remaining rights.

The Brotherhood's Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi, has made it clear that to oppose the Brotherhood's rule is to oppose Islam itself. This guarantees that millions of illiterate Egyptians throughout the country, who listen to the vitriol spewed by their Imams in Friday night sermons in the mosques, will automatically follow the Islamist line.

The so-called "Arab Spring," so avidly touted and embraced by President Obama, was never about democracy, despite the banalities expressed by so many talking heads in the Western press and media. It was always about imposing strict and oppressive Islamic law upon Egypt.

And now Egypt has fallen under the same feared repressive Sharia law that Libya is slowly falling under thanks to the European overthrow of Muammar Gadhafi, so foolishly aided and abetted by the Obama Administration whose foreign policy lies in ruinous tatters. Mali remains in contention as the Islamists and jihadists of Al Qaida still pose a grave threat despite the intervention of French forces. And then there is Syria whose tyrant, Basher al-Assad, may sooner than later be overthrown and another Islamic state arise with horrendous consequences for the region and world peace.  

The implications for women's rights in Egypt, Libya, and throughout the Muslim and Arab world, are dire in light of Sharia's diminution of women to the status of little more than chattels and slaves to their husbands, fathers and brothers. The stultifying imposition of Sharia law on freedom of speech is an integral part of Islam, which forbids criticism of the prophet Muhammad and of the Koran. The Muslim Brotherhood's constitution includes a ban on all criticism of political leaders - a road map for dictators and tyrants - and allows the state to control what books and films may or may not be viewed.

Now that Islamic law has growing domination over Egypt, the largest Arab country in terms of population, it portends a new dark age for the Middle East and for the entire world. And if the convulsions inside Egypt - a direct consequence of Obama's ditching of the pro-American Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak - are not bad enough, President Obama proceeds with the delivery of twenty advanced F16 fighter jets and 200 Abram tanks to the anti-Semitic and anti-American Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship of Mohammed Morsi - the same Morsi who quoted venomous Koranic insults against Jews, has no love for Christians, and has vilified the USA.

Why is the Obama Administration seemingly unaware of the perilous Egyptian situation? Is it willfully blind? Or is President Obama deliberately feeding the flames, believing that the Muslim Brotherhood is the best path to democracy?

Victor Sharpe is a freelance writer and author of "Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state"