Times Paints Grim Picture of Israeli Arabs

As far as the New York Times would have you believe, the picture of Arabs in Israel is exceedingly grim. According to a lengthy article in the Jan. 17 edition, Arabs constitute a "long-marginalized minority" that is increasingly "alienated by Israel's right-wing government," and that has to endure "treatment that is discriminatory and undemocratic." ("As Israeli Vote Nears, Arab Apathy Is a Concern" by Jodi Rudoren, page A3). Bolstered by selective interviews with disaffected Arabs, Rudoren, the Times' Jerusalem bureau chief, tells her readers that Israel's treatment of its Arab citizens raises "real concerns over the health of Israeli democracy." Arab turnout in Tuesday's election may drop to 51 percent, she writes ominously. She also quotes Ahmad Tibi, an Arab lawmaker, who charges that "in Israel, there is discrimination in every part of life -- education, infrastructure, unemployment." But is this ultra-gloomy assessment accurate? Far from it. Arabs in Israel are on an equal...(Read Full Post)