Syria Slides toward Humanitarian Disaster

For the past two years, the popular upsurge against President Assad's oppressive regime and the consequent retaliatory action by the Syrian army has led the country to such a sorry impasse that they are now facing the prospect of humanitarian disaster. There looks to be no end in sight of the continuous killing of innocent people including women, children, and even the elderly by the Syrian army, many of whose senior officers have already deserted to join the rebels. The crisis now affects a significantly large segment of population, an estimated four million people, or around 20 percent of the population of Syria, who lack both food and shelter and have taken refuge in temporary dwellings provided by neighbouring countries along with nearly three million people displaced within Syria itself. Prevailing conditions have grown increasingly desperate as the Syrian winter sets in, and many families are living in tents without adequate woollen clothing. UN relief measures have been...(Read Full Post)