The Cowardice of the Christian Leadership

Raymond Ibrahim of Gatestone Institute has a monthly chronicle of atrocities and harassment perpetrated by Muslims against Christians. Here are a couple of beginning entries for October, 2012.

Egypt: A Muslim mob, consisting mostly of Salafis, surrounded St. George Church in the Beni Suef Governorate. Armed with batons, they assaulted Christians as they exited the church after Sunday mass.

Indonesia: On a Sunday, "unknown assailants" set fire to the Madele Pentecostal Church in the city of Poso by dousing a collection box with petrol and setting it alight.

Kenya: A grenade was thrown into the Sunday school building of St. Polycarp Anglican Church; it blew off the roof, killing one boy and injuring eight other children.

Nigeria: After a renewed spate of church attacks, thousands of Christians continue to flee northern areas of Nigeria, which are predominantly Muslim, and where the jihadi organization Boko Haram holds sway. An Islamic suicide bomber rammed an SUV loaded with explosives into St. Rita Catholic Church holding Sunday Mass; he killed eight people and wounded more than 100.

Pakistan: The Catholic Church of St. Francis, the oldest of the archdiocese of Karachi, was attacked by a Muslim mob of 600,

The slaughter, rapings, mutilations, bombings, kidnappings and beatings are decimating Christian communities from  the Maghreb to Indonesia. Inexcusably and unconscionably, under the watch of the Obama administration, Christians have been driven out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The response of the not-my-fault Obama administration? It must be that the US military personnel is not showing enough respect for the glorious religion of peace. This naturally gets the Muslims riled up against Christians generally. According to Obama, US troops are being shot by their own training partners because they are insensitive to Islam by "advocating women's rights," "any criticism of pedophilia," "mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct" or "anything related to Islam." 

Equally pathetic is the response of centers of Christian power in the West. The ecumenical movement is in full swing. The Episcopalians (of which I am officially one)  may be the worst. When it comes to militant Islam (redundant?) the leadership is under the spell of the three monkeys - hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Muslim extermination of Christians? What extermination? It is all Terry Jones' fault for threatening to burn a copy of the Koran. Christianity is all about tolerance and pluralism.   A group of U.S. interfaith leaders -- including the Rev. Michael Kinnamon, general secretary of the National Council of Churches, and Episcopal Diocese of New York Bishop Mark Sisk -- held a summit and press conference Sept. 7 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to condemn Jones' plans and to decry anti-Muslim rhetoric and incidents of violence committed against innocent Muslims!

"We denounce anti-Muslim bigotry. We identify ourselves with religious tolerance," said Kinnamon at the Sept. 7 press conference. "We are made richer and deeper in our Christian community by our relationship with Muslim and Jewish colleagues."

 "But as a nation with tolerance and religious freedom at its very foundation, we must not let our emotions lead us into the error of persecuting or condemning an entire religion for the sins of its most misguided adherents." Sisk said in an Aug. 24 letter to his diocese.

Misguided adherents? There seem to be a lot of those. All these Islamic leaders, Imams and Mullahs just can't seem to get a handle on their own religion. From Ahmadinejad to Khomeini to Khamenei to Morsi - just misguided adherents of Islam claiming that Sharia law must be imposed on all humanity or what is left of it. When Islamic clerics and leaders claim Jews and now Christian must be wiped off the map it is just a misreading of the Koran. Khamenei recently claimed that Islam gives a "jurisprudential justification" to kill all the Jews and annihilate Israel. He just can't get his Koran straight. Another misguided adherent.

Obama  is still in love with the Islam of his Indonesian youth and will never give up the idea that Islam is a glorious religion which has been disrespected and mocked. It is his unshakeable conviction that once Islam is shown its proper respect and deference all will be peace and harmony. But the Christian leaders? Their three-monkey act is despicable. They should be the leaders that denounce the Christian Holocaust. They should be the ones building a fire under politicians and media. Their  quiescence is pure cowardice.