Obama Goes All the Way Live with His Gay Agenda

Okay, am I the only conservative/Christian making a big deal about President Obama invoking gay rights in his inaugural address? Obama portrayed homosexuals' struggle to normalize their behavior, which the Bible has declared an abomination to God, as equal to the struggles of blacks and women for equality in America. Page one of the liberals' "Silence the Opposition" manual instructs that they gang-assault me, calling me a hater of gays.  Liberals take every issue to the ultimate extreme to make their opposition appear to be nutcases.  For example: if you oppose Obama imperialistically ignoring the Constitution to ban guns, liberals say you are a redneck racist who approves of and even is responsible for mass murder. So, because I reject their super-aggressive bullying push to normalize homosexuality, liberals say I hate gays and seek them harm.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I have homosexual longtime friends and family whom I love dearly....(Read Full Post)