What We Don't Know Is Hurting Us

One reason the conservative movement is faltering is because we are more like the dominant anti-fact culture than we would like to admit. To think that we are not tainted by the culture in which we live is not only dangerous, but irrational.

To properly understand our post-fact, anti-intellectual culture we must appreciate that objective truth has been delegated to a strictly personal value category. The anti-fact culture denies there is objective truth while also believing truth is whatever you want it to be. Objective truth, according to the anti-fact culture, only exists within an individual's personal value structure and that personal value structure has no connection to anyone else's personal value structure.

So, conservatives, how do you respond to those who read the Constitution and Federalist Papers as objective truth? Do you agree with what they say and then trail off into subjective nonsense upon uttering the word "but?" If you do, then you have achieved the Orwellian Feat of holding two opposing ideas within your mind simultaneously. You are a product of the anti-fact culture that you can see in others, but not yourself. You have dismissed the concept of objective truth in pursuit of your own opinion which is based on the magical ability of precedent evolution to make The Constitution mean whatever the last guy said it means, not what the words actually say.

It was our Founders' dedication and allegiance to what they knew to be true in regards to human nature, natural law, and transcendent principles that united them to withstand all manner of obstacles to achieve the victory for all men of equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The only way to separate yourself from the anti-fact culture is to place your faith, trust, hope, and even your sacred honor in objective truth that remains fixed and unchangeable.

So, have you taken the opportunity to read the Constitution and Federalist Papers in order to fix in your mind what the documents actually say? Or are you still buying the lie that the "general welfare clause," "the commerce clause," and the "necessary and proper clause," give the federal government the power to do anything they want?

Those that dither asking "What are we going to do?" as yet more executive orders, congressional legislation, and bureaucratic overreach interferes with our daily lives typify the anti-fact culture's inability to fix in their mind what the Constitution says to do in such cases and then follow those rules accordingly.

We need more conservatives to commit themselves to learning The Constitution as explained by the Federalist Papers, then to accept those statements as objective truth, and finally to apply those rules so that unconstitutional lawlessness is met with swift consequences. Consequences will refresh the anti-fact culture that willful ignorance of Natural Law is nothing more than subjective opinion and self-delusional insanity. These are the actions of faith in the same understanding of human nature, natural law, and transcendent principles that united our nation's Founders to risk their life, their fortunes, their sacred honor so that all men could live as equals, in life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

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