What We Don't Know Is Hurting Us

One reason the conservative movement is faltering is because we are more like the dominant anti-fact culture than we would like to admit. To think that we are not tainted by the culture in which we live is not only dangerous, but irrational. To properly understand our post-fact, anti-intellectual culture we must appreciate that objective truth has been delegated to a strictly personal value category. The anti-fact culture denies there is objective truth while also believing truth is whatever you want it to be. Objective truth, according to the anti-fact culture, only exists within an individual's personal value structure and that personal value structure has no connection to anyone else's personal value structure. So, conservatives, how do you respond to those who read the Constitution and Federalist Papers as objective truth? Do you agree with what they say and then trail off into subjective nonsense upon uttering the word "but?" If you do, then you have achieved the Orwellian...(Read Full Post)