NYT: Israeli Arabs lack "political opportunity"

Israeli Arab parties increased their membership in the Knesset from 10 to 11 seats in this week's national election. The turnout of Arab voters also rose -- from 53 percent in 2009 to 56 percent. One would think that such hard figures represent a testimonial of the extent and depth of Arab political rights and participation in Israel's body politic. Not to mention Arabs' desire to have their interests duly represented with a respectable voter turnout. In other words, rank-and-file Arabs are deeply engaged in Israeli politics -- despite calls by some of their radical leaders to boycott the election. One might think so, but not at the New York Times. In a post-election article, Jodi Rudoren, the Times' Jerusalem bureau chief, sees nothing but a bad political shake for Israeli Arabs. In her words, "One thing that seems clear, though, is that the three Arab-dominated parties will be left out in the cold." ("With All Votes In, Netanyahu Assesses the Damage" Jan. 25, page A6) How and why...(Read Full Post)