NY Times Embarasses Itself

By definition, an editorial is free to express a newspaper's opinions. However, it is not entitled to turn reality into pure fiction. An editorial based on a lie undermines a paper's credibility. Yet, this is exactly what the Times perpetrated in a Jan. 24 editorial about Israel's election returns. ("Israel's Election -- Could the outcome revive moribund peace talks" page A22) In the editorial, the Times welcomes the victory of centrist candidates and expresses the hope that they will move the next Netanyahu government more to the center. So far, so good. However, the Times then goes on to aver that the presence of more centrist leaders joining Netanyahu could result in "tampering his hard-right line" on resumption of peace talks with the Palestinians. Netanyahu supposedly following of a "hard-right" course on negotiations is a bald affront of the truth. This, after all, is an Israeli leader who for several years instead has practically begged Palestinian President Abbas to return...(Read Full Post)