Hunting the Unicorn of Moderate Islam

In hunting the unicorn of moderate Islam, the West has occupied itself by passing through a mental gauntlet of Herculean moral contortions in separating the proverbial sheep from the goats. As I see it, those "moderate" voices of Islam, which have been protesting the violence of their brethren by thundering at the volume of a hushed whisper, will diminish even more fully as the Islamicist ascendency moves towards its apex. Who can doubt that in time the faint defiant murmurs of "peaceful Islam" will ultimately become qualitatively indistinguishable from the bloody rancor of the vox bellicose? I say this not because I am a despiser of the Arab people. Quite to the contrary, I have found them hospitable and courteous in all my private dealings. But those dealings are primarily with Western Arabs and Muslims, who have for the most part, been saturated in the subliminal American ethos of free intellectual exchange -- although one can make a case that such an exotic hothouse flower as...(Read Full Post)