Filibuster Fever

Harry Reid and his fellow tactical geniuses are serious about gutting the current filibuster rules. The left loves it. It is always a mistake to underestimate opponents' intelligence. But this seems so stupid that it challenges this wisdom. In order to change the rule by a simple majority, it is necessary that the Senate to declare itself not to be a continuing body. If it were a continuing body with two thirds of its member remaining in office, then the rules would continue along with the requirement of a two thirds majority to amend those rules. This means that the filibuster rules and all other Senate rules are up for grabs every two years. For that to be a smart move for either party, they must expect to always have at least a simple majority. Any time they slip into minority status, they can expect to have no hope of blocking rules changes or legislation. If the Democrats controlled the House, the rules changes might be worth that risk. They could ride roughshod over the GOP...(Read Full Post)