Obama hits the wrong note in inaugural address

Yes, it was an unusually partisan speech.  It was also unnecessary because no one woke up in a partisan mood anyway.  Inaugurations are special days for emphasizing the peaceful transfer of power, an American tradition going back to the very early days of the republic.

I can still remember President Carter turning around and thanking President Ford for everything he did to heal the country.  It was a classy moment and a well deserved bipartisan praise.

I can recall the first President Bush speaking of a "1,000 points of light" and bringing the nation together.  It was good. 

Or what about 41 hugging 43?  That was good, too! 

President Obama blew an opportunity to highlight the Martin Luther King themes that most Americans subscribe to.  It would have been a great today to remind young people that we have a black man in office on the 50th anniversary of The March in Washington.  Wonder if the Rev King would have believed that?

He missed a great chance. 

So why did he do it?  Why is President Obama so tone deaf about the historic importance of an inauguration day?

I think that President Obama is trying to come to the terms with the reality that it's tough to be a big government liberal when there is no money in the treasury.  There are very tough choices ahead and the left won't like any of them.  In other words, he can talk "big liberal" but he ain't going to walk it!

President Obama will have to cut spending because reality is reality.  

President Obama will have to delay the implementation of Obama-Care.  Again, it's not the GOP but the growing realization that Obama-Care is a mess that we can't afford.  It won't be long before Democrats start privately telling the White House to push back the start of the program.  Keep in mind that there are 20 Democrat US Senators up for reelection in 2014.

President Obama will have to take our financial crisis seriously or face another downgrade.  Again, it will be reality not the GOP that will force the change in direction.

President Obama spoke to his base now because reality is coming and coming fast.  The Democrat base is not going to like the speech that President Obama will have to deliver later this year, especially if our GDP continues to grow at a 1-2% range.

Enjoy the speech liberals.  It won't last.  Obama's 2nd term is going to be very hard on liberals.

The author has just published a book about his family coming to the US: "'Cubanos' in Wisconsin."

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