Avoiding 'T-for-Terrorism'

Violent clashes broke out in a West Bank village on Jan. 1 when Palestinians started to pelt Israeli soldiers with barrages of stones. The soldiers, who aimed to arrest a terrorist member of Islamic Jihad, responded with rubber-coated bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd. But that's not the way the New York Times reported this incident. The Times headline, in the Jan. 2 edition, squarely puts the blame on IDF troops -- not stone-throwing villagers -- for initiating the violence ("West Bank Clashes Follow Israeli Raid to Arrest Militant" by Isabel Kershner, page A7). In Kershner's article, the target of the Israeli raid also is not a member of a terrorist group financed and armed by Iran to kill Israelis but merely a "wanted militant." Quoting an IDF spokeswoman, Kershner writes that the purpose of the raid was to arrest a "resident, Murad Bani Odeh, who she (the spokeswoman) said was suspected of being a terrorist." In Kershner's view, Odeh is only a terrorist in the eyes of...(Read Full Post)