Washington Post whitewashes Muslim Brotherhood's top leader

In its Sunday, Dec. 30, edition, the Washington Post features a lengthy profile of Mohammed Badie, the "supreme guide" and chief leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, that turns out to be a massive whitewash ("In 'Guide,' Egyptians find savior and foe" by Stephanie McCrummen, page A14.) McCrummen introduces Badie as a "69-yer-old Islamist veterinarian" who, in the eyes of the Brotherhood, is "the modest and devout spiritual leader of millions of members who feel free at last to express their conservative religious identity and exert political power." Readers are told that "Badie is a very quiet man who can repeat the verses of the Koran by heart," according to an adviser to Egyptian President Morsi.  Badie's website also depicts him as a "patient man" who quotes Koranic verses "even when he talks about soccer." McCrummen reports that Badie was arrested along with other top Muslim Brotherhood figures in the 1960s and "tortured by dogs, by whips, by tools," quoting...(Read Full Post)