Washington Post Cheerleads for Terror

Khaled Meshaal, supreme leader of the terrorist group Hamas that has claimed the lives of hundreds of Israelis, paid his first visit to Gaza on Dec. 7 amid joyous pomp and circumstance arranged by his followers who rule the coastal Palestinian territory. The Washington Post, in its Dec. 8 issue, not only reports this event, but sanitizes Meshaal with a sympathetic biography that ignores the blood on his hands from Hamas during the second intifada, and more recently during escalating rocket attacks against civilian populations in southern Israel. The Post article also is silent about Meshaal's genocidal Hamas agenda for elimination of Israel and the murder of Jews. ("Exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal visits Gaza for first time" by Joel Greenberg). With more than a touch of Stockholm syndrome, Greenberg, a Post Jerusalem correspondent, calls Meshaal's visit a "triumphant" coup that "gave an aura of legitimacy" to Hamas. With undisguised empathy for Meshaal, Greenberg depicts his...(Read Full Post)