The Smartest People in the Room?

This past weekend my beautiful bride informed me that she wanted to explore a new indoor flea market that had been established in our neck of the woods. She also informed me that I was going to accompany her on said excursion. Now for the benefit of our younger, less experienced and worldly-wise male readers, I will share a useful safety tip. Or more accurately, a tip for your personal safety. If your spouse, fiancée, significant other, or girlfriend makes such an announcement you should recognize that it is not merely an announcement. It is, in actuality, an ultimatum. As an older, if not necessarily wiser head, I would strongly recommend a simple two-word retort to such an ultimatum: "Yes, Dear". Although I have digressed, trust me on this. So off we went, following the ancient cow paths of upper New York State that have been given numbers to replace names and are now referred to as highways, until we reached this new flea market. We wandered down the aisles, glancing from time to...(Read Full Post)