Okay, President Obama, Let's be Fair

Let's be fair.  Present federal spending levels is damaging to future generations. It steals from those that are coming after us and also shaves value from the currency.  Let us be fair to future generations and those who hold dollars.

Let's be fair.  People who are taking money from the Social Security fund under the guise of being disabled, when they are not, are essentially stealing the money from the people who obediently paid into Social Security.  Let's be fair.  Those who paid in to the fund should not be subject to fraudulent disability claims that drain their money from the fund and increase the likelihood that the money won't be there when they who paid in will be in need of it.

Let's be fair. Illegal immigrants are getting the same perks as those who came into the country legally.  Legal immigration, monitored and measured, is the only fair immigration policy.

Let's be fair. The Federal Reserve has a mandate to maintain moderate interest rates. 0% rates are not moderate by any metric. To anyone who has saved money for retirement, to pensions that rely on a fair return on money, this policy by the Federal Reserve is unfair.

Let's be fair.  States that mismanage their own affairs  (CA, IL, NY) should not be bailed out by States  who have managed their affairs in responsible fashion (TX, OK, AZ).

Let's be fair. The citizens of the United States should not be deprived of the knowledge of the inner workings of federal government. Those accountable for Department of Justice antics or Secretary of State security decisions should be known to the people of the country.

Let's be fair.  When the federal authorities are lax in enforcing federal code, States should be able to assist.  In doing so, the States are allowed to protect themselves in full accordance with the law.

Let's be fair.  Students graduate college with large debt as the collegiate professorship and faculty accrue marvelous benefits packages and retirement considerations.  

Let's be fair.  If wealth accumulation is suggested as evil, perhaps schools such as Harvard should share their multi billion dollar endowments with the needy schools, the less fortunate. Maybe Harvard should just give their $20 Billion to the Department of Education so it can do good work for all.

Let's be fair.  No waivers for anyone regarding Obamacare or passed immigration laws.

Lets be fair. Those who pass laws must also be subject to same.

Bruce Johnson

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