Okay, President Obama, Let's be Fair

Let's be fair.  Present federal spending levels is damaging to future generations. It steals from those that are coming after us and also shaves value from the currency.  Let us be fair to future generations and those who hold dollars. Let's be fair.  People who are taking money from the Social Security fund under the guise of being disabled, when they are not, are essentially stealing the money from the people who obediently paid into Social Security.  Let's be fair.  Those who paid in to the fund should not be subject to fraudulent disability claims that drain their money from the fund and increase the likelihood that the money won't be there when they who paid in will be in need of it. Let's be fair. Illegal immigrants are getting the same perks as those who came into the country legally.  Legal immigration, monitored and measured, is the only fair immigration policy. Let's be fair. The Federal Reserve has a mandate to maintain moderate interest...(Read Full Post)