The Imaginary Mahmoud Abbas

In a Dec. 4 dispatch, Washington Post Jerusalem correspondent Joel Greenberg reports, among other Israel developments, that Prime Minister Netanyahu's cabinet devoted part of its weekly meeting "to what was termed incitement against Israel by the Palestinian Authority, including a U.N. speech delivered last week by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas." Readers who might be interested to find out what kind of incitement Abbas delivers against Israel would have been disappointed.  Greenberg simply doesn't report any examples or details of anti-Israel incitement by the Abbas-ruled PA.  And he's not the only journalist in the West guilty of such omissions. Had Greenberg delved even a little bit into this topic, Post readers would have been informed about the kinds of anti-Israel incitement stoked by Abbas and organs under his control, including curricula in PA schools, on the official PA website, and in PA media.  Such as: Israel has no right to exist as a...(Read Full Post)