The Bourne Stupidity

We hear that this, that, or the other Hollywood actor is supposedly quite intelligent, situationally and socially aware, and we are forced to wonder, based on some of a particular actor's questionable on and off screen activities and behaviors, if that could possibly be true. Such is the current case of Matt Damon who is purportedly one of the smartest actors in Hollywood. Agreed, the intelligence bar is necessarily low there so expectations cannot be too much; which might explain why the cinematic genius of Good Will Hunting has allowed himself to become a useful idiot for foreign interests. Matt Damon's latest film, Promised Land, isn't just your latest Hollywood flick attempting to demonize American oil companies, but perhaps the first one to do so being financed by foreign oil interests who stand to lose big if the geometric progression of American oil production continues. If Damon's treacherous, even treasonous, message is rejected in this country, his film's Persian Gulf...(Read Full Post)