Hispanics must recall the reason their parents came to America in the first place

Put me down as one as a Cuban-American who voted for Romney.   Yes, we saw that "hope and change" movie before and it does not end well. 

Trust me:  Very bad ending!  Just ask my parents and all of those Cubans who came here in the 1960s!  

Today, I saw a poll that 77% of Latino voters support raising taxes on the rich.

Here is a message to the GOP:  Amnesty or immigration reform had nothing to do with Obama carrying Hispanos by a huge margin. 

I will add that I've always supported a rational immigration reform that focuses on the economic needs of the US.  For example, I'm open to "work visas" for people who want to work here.  However, I do not believe in amnesty or legalizing people just because they crossed the border.  Our focus should be on all of those who respected our laws and sit in their countries waiting for their turn to come to the US.

Why do I say that immigration reform had nothing to do with Obama's reelection? 

First, he never lifted a finger to do a thing about immigration reform. In fact, no immigration reform law has ever been passed by a Democratic president or Congress.They talk a good game but they never score! 

Second, most Hispanos are buying into the "big government" fantasy funded by taxing the rich. 

Here is my message to my fellow Hispanos:

Why did you or your parents leave Mexico and come here for jobs? The answer is that Mexico, and many other Latin American countries, have implemented the kind of class warfare that has driven money out of the country.

We don't need a GOP version of The Dream Act or some immigration reform based on pandering to Hispanics. 

We need to slap Hispanos and wake them up from this "Obamamania" plague of "something for nothing" paid for by the rich.

Frankly, we need to remind them that the American Dream that they, or their parents, aspired to had nothing to do with "free stuff" or demonizing the rich.

No way. The American Dream that my parents came here for was "freedom," "self reliance" and "the rule of law".

We just need to remind them that taxing the rich will do to the US what it has done to their countries of origin.

With all due respect to Gov Romney, a man that I admire greatly, we need to go down to Hispanic districts and deliver our message. We can't win elections by assuming that Hispanos won't register or show up to vote.


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