Retooling ObamaCare

Like the rest of President Obama's economic policies, the Affordable Care Act is a throwback to the 1930s, an unworkable clunker from a time when President Roosevelt's Depression-era experiments prolonged the misery for eight long years before World War II intervened. The Affordable Care Act most notably resembles the 1933 National Recovery Act (NRA), which created a central-planning system designed to promote "fair competition" through all manner of codes and quotas on business and industry.  The system was junked by the Supreme Court two years later for giving unconstitutional power to the executive branch. But with judicial remedies to ObamaCare unsuccessful to date, a fundamental transformation of the health care law is in order.  Forbes columnist Avik Roy writes that ObamaCare presents Republicans with ... a counter-intuitive opportunity: to use Obamacare's subsidized exchanges as a vehicle for entitlement reform[.] ... ... Republicans ... could consider...(Read Full Post)