MoveOn Holds Congressman Hostage

MoveOn just put out another disgusting video using a man tied up with rope and duct tape to push its Marxist tax-the-rich agenda.  What an assault on anyone who has ever really been held hostage.  People's suffering means nothing to these vitriolic spin-meisters, who put false images into the minds of the masses.

From a MoveOn newsletter:

Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 1:47 PM
Subject: A man with duct tape on his mouth illustrates what Rep. Eric Cantor is doing with your tax cuts

Dear Virginia MoveOn member,

It's no surprise that Republicans like Rep. Eric Cantor are reluctant to raise taxes on their wealthy friends. But does Rep. Cantor really want his party to be seen as the party that holds the middle class hostage? 

Today, one brave MoveOn member is hitting the airwaves in Rep. Cantor's district with a powerful new TV ad. He has one clear message: Don't hold middle class tax cuts hostage.

The Obama/MoveOn camp must have received the same memo on "holding the middle class hostage," because they're all talking about it.  In an interview with Barbara Walters while speaking about the impending tax hikes, Obama said, "I'm pretty confident that Republicans would not hold middle class taxes hostage to trying to protect tax cuts for high-income individuals[.]"

You want to talk about holding someone hostage?  Ever since its founding in 1998, Soros-funded MoveOn has been holding the American middle class hostage with its Marxist class warfare sloganeering.  Vulgarity and ridicule are their weapons; they love salacious propaganda.  Remember when a MoveOn protestor compared Paul Ryan to a Nazi?  He spread the ridiculous lie that Ryan wanted to do away with Medicare.

Sadly, the trash MoveOn produces ends up not in the dump, but in the mainstream media, where sick and twisted minds swallow the visual garbage.

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