Monckton mocks UN Climate Conference

Lord Christopher Monckton, the man Al Gore is afraid to debate, managed to get before a microphone and speak to the startled delegates at the UN Climate Conference in Doha, Qatar for just under a minute. One just couldn't resist. There they all were, earnestly outbidding each other to demand that the West should keep them in pampered luxury for the rest of their indolent lives, and all on the pretext of preventing global warming that has now become embarrassingly notorious for its long absence. No one was allowed to give the alternative - and scientifically correct - viewpoint. The U.N.'s wall of silence was rigidly in place. The microphone was just in front of me. All I had to do was press the button. I pressed it. The Chair recognized Myanmar (Burmese for Burma). I was on. On behalf of the Asian Coastal Co-operation Initiative, an outfit I had thought up on the spur of the moment (it sounded just like one of the many dubious taxpayer-funded propaganda groups at the conference), I...(Read Full Post)