Some worms are turning?

It would be tough to find a bigger bleeding heart liberal in the mainstream media than Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times. So his article yesterday, in which he acknowledges how some federal welfare programs kill incentives to work or educate the young, and end up committing people to generations of poverty, is of interest.

2. I do not know what the eventual outcome will be of the trial of George Zimmerman, but in any case, NBC should be made to pay for their blatant attempt to foment racial hysteria over the case. Much like their handling of the Olympic Park bombing in 1996, when NBC rushed to convict Richard Jewell, the network seems unaware at times that media lynch mobs are no better than the other kind.

3. My article in Israel Hayom today on how President Obama uses surrogates to say what he really thinks about Israel.

Barry Rubin tries satire to describe the Israeli Palestinian impasse.

The victory that wasn't:  J Street is claiming a big legislative victory -- that they killed a Congressional attempt  to close the PLO mission in D. C. This is nonsense.

5. If a Saudi- Harvard consortium can inject anti-Israel curriculum into the Newton, Massachusetts school system where a third of the population is Jewish, they can do it anywhere. Do you have any idea what your kids or grandkids are learning in public schools?  Not only are the teachers' unions bankrupting  the cities,  their members are working to poison the minds of the young against Israel. How long until Oliver Stone's alternative history becomes standard fare in the public schools?

6. The President has been a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood's takeover of Egypt, much as it admires Erdogan's Islamist Turkey. Egypt is a big train wreck in the making, and it is not sure we have a clue as to how to address this.

7. One reader's story of how her father survived the Nazis. Part one.

8. An American history lesson from Jeff Jacoby on Ulysses S. Grant and the Jews.

9. Wars in the future may be fought with devices like this one from Boeing:

10. Affirmative action, or reverse discrimination has had its forty year test,and it is has failed, including failing those whom it was meant to help. A review of a new book explains the mess.

11. One thing you might not get for all that money it costs to send someone to college these days, is free speech or free expression.

12. Paul Krugman says deficits do not matter, since U.S government interest rates are low. What we need, he says,  is much more federal spending. Nick Gillespie challenges the argument.

13. You may not have heard of tiny Taylor University n Indiana, but they have an odd basketball tradition, called "silent night", that was described in the Wall Street Journal. Here is what it looks and sounds like when the silence  ends.

 Weird, but then again, Taylor may be near Pawnee