Some worms are turning?

It would be tough to find a bigger bleeding heart liberal in the mainstream media than Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times. So his article yesterday, in which he acknowledges how some federal welfare programs kill incentives to work or educate the young, and end up committing people to generations of poverty, is of interest. 2. I do not know what the eventual outcome will be of the trial of George Zimmerman, but in any case, NBC should be made to pay for their blatant attempt to foment racial hysteria over the case. Much like their handling of the Olympic Park bombing in 1996, when NBC rushed to convict Richard Jewell, the network seems unaware at times that media lynch mobs are no better than the other kind. 3. My article in Israel Hayom today on how President Obama uses surrogates to say what he really thinks about Israel. Barry Rubin tries satire to describe the Israeli Palestinian impasse. The victory that wasn't:  J Street is claiming a big legislative victory -- that...(Read Full Post)