Conservative Republicans - 'It's OK to make a change'

Back in July of this year the Republican National Committee put out a thirty second ad directed primarily at Obama supporters. The ad begins by saying that Obama came to the White House with "big plans." It proceeds to list several of the president's big economic promises and then asks: "What did we get?" After listing discouraging economic data related to those specific promises the ad's hook line proclaims: "He tried, you tried - it's OK to make a change." Considering that the Republican Party establishment leadership has been morphing the party brand into Democrat-Lite since the Reagan era, let's take that ad and replace President Obama with the Republican Party and Obama's promises with Republican establishment promises. Since the Regan era, we've heard the Republican leadership espouse fiscal and social conservative promises - but what did we get? In the name of "compassionate conservatism," unchecked government growth, trillions in debt and deficit spending, another huge...(Read Full Post)