Blameless New World

We have moved from everyone gets a trophy to "no one is to blame" These are essentially the same concepts. The "everyone gets a trophy" model began appearing in our society about two decades ago. Via the Little League, other children's sports, and the classroom, a generation was taught that merely existing entitled you to some type of reward. Inclusiveness was the watchword. Having a birthday party for your 9 year old? Well, you better invite the entire class. It is mean spirited to distinguish between who is a friend and who is not. Individual achievement is downplayed. "You didn't build that business" is offered up reminiscent of the "There is no "I" in team" cliché, but driven on a grand and ideological scale. (Though the President's speeches have an abundance of "I's" as if by special dispensation.) As in everyone get a trophy, the "pass/fail" grading concepts came into vogue at roughly the same time and are also nothing more than forays into communal socialism. Now we are...(Read Full Post)