Culture War -- with Guns

The left has literally and publicly declared open season on the NRA and gun owners who want to protect their homes and schools. This has been done without any justification or explanation as to why they make a call for what is, for all practical purposes, summary executions.

For example, Michelle Malkin reports this:

In Texas, state Democratic Party official John Cobarruvias threw fuel on the fire. Cobarruvias is the Democratic Party precinct chair in Houston, Texas, and holds a seat on the Texas State Democratic Party's executive committee. On his Twitter feed, Cobarruvias labeled the NRA a "domestic terrorist organization" and called for the assassination of NRA leaders and supporters: "Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?"

So, it's come to this: Advocating beheadings, beatings and the mass murder of peaceful Americans to pay for the sins of a soulless madman. But because the advocates of violence fashion themselves champions of non-violence and because they inhabit the hallowed worlds of Hollywood, academia and the Democratic Party, it's acceptable?

Blood-lusting hate speech must not get a pass just because it comes out of the mouths of the protected anti-gun class.

Malkin precedes this passage with an update of tweets from University of Rhode Island history professor Erik Loomis retweeting (i.e. advocating) a message he received that says "First f**ker to say the solution is for elementary school teachers to carry guns needs to get beaten to death." Author Joyce Carol Oates also is quoted as accusing the NRA of "felony homicide", and popular television star Marge Helgenberger, has stated her agreement with Ms. Oates.

I thought liberals were against the state-ordered death penalty? Actually, they still are and, in a narrow sense, there is no logical contradiction here. When liberals call for NRA members' deaths without a trial, no state-administered lethal injections are involved. What they are calling for is mob action, pure and simple. This is neatly compartmentalized thinking, not so much a slippery slope as a Great Adventure waterslide towards anarchy and violence.

Days before the December 14th killings at Newtown, actor Jamie Foxx joked on Saturday Night Live about "killing all the white people" in his new movie. No doubt he would be comfortable with also killing the white majority of NRA members. One wonders if Adam Lanza, the deranged young Newtown killer, watched this performance of "Saturday Night Live" on December 8th. Lanza may well have heard about it afterwards in the media and perceived it as social permission from "hip, trendy happening people" like himself to go out and murder. And one wonders if Joyce Carol Oates, Cobarruvias the Texas Democratic Party official, Professor Loomis, or Marge Helgenberger have any anger to direct against NBC or Jamie Foxx.

Years ago a liberal made a joke that I considered wickedly funny. They stated that they were against the death penalty for everyone except the person who invented the idea of putting those postcards (and other inserts) in magazines. It was funny because, despite this common annoyance, one could assume the jokester didn't really mean they should go out and shoot some advertising agency owner or copywriter.

Today, the assumption that the left does not really want citizens' executions is largely gone. The left is as serious as a heart attack in its calls for the deaths of those who oppose its orthodoxy. Just because something is said on "Saturday Night Live" or in a Tweet doesn't mean they are "just kidding." The left is attempting to change what is socially acceptable in America within an impressionable segment of society -- teenagers who watch the shows and communicate via Twitter -- and conservatives and others who differ from the left's orthodoxy had best openly oppose it, before the "new normal" looks like the old tyranny.