Why the Secession Petitions?

President Barack Hussein Obama is not the first president to be faced with secession. The most famous secession that resulted in the Civil War was, first and foremost, about economics. Today we are witnessing the same reason cited for the various secession petitions -- economics. Derrick Belcher, who started the Alabama secession petition, said, "It's economics -- just that simple." Many (such as Daily Kos readers) will want to dismiss Belcher as a racist crackpot, but consider all the company he has. There are currently 50 petitions, one from each state, that have been registered at U.S. Government's petition site. And over 675,000 people have signed the various petitions. While the MSM has prominently reported on what is happening, it has thus far failed to address why the secession petitions have become so numerous and popular. The first part of the why can be found in the American Declaration of Independence: "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for...(Read Full Post)