The Color of Truth

Recently my retina let go in my left eye.  Part of the restoration process (still ongoing and somewhat in doubt) involves the injection into the eye of a gas bubble.  The increased pressure is meant to keep the retina flush with the back of the eyeball.

Interesting: what limited vision I do have is in the shade of pale green with tinges of blue.  How disorientating!  How strange to see things and people in a totally unexpected shade!  I half-jokingly tell my mixed-race congregation that perhaps the solution to the race problem in the U.S. of A. is to rearrange people's retinas.

And speaking of seeing life through the gas bubble of racial politics...

I have been quite saddened to see my conservative/libertarian friends falling for the progressive distortion of Truth as some sort of necessary ploy in the racial lottery of electoral politics.  As if Hispanics, particularly, are somehow racially incapable of accepting the truth of the Founders' republican positions on culture and government.  As if blacks were disinclined to embrace self-governance and individual responsibility because...well, because of the accident of pigmentation.

Do I exaggerate?  Not by much.  The level of Republican Party hysteria is embarrassing, not to mention unbecoming.

There seems to be a feeling that the Truth of our position is 1) not powerful enough to destroy the fallacies of the left and 2) not winsome enough to be "likeable" and therefore unacceptable to people of color.

Really? Who gave us permission to jump into the trivial (and shallow) end of the pool of ideas?

Simply because another moderate bit the dust?  Because the left has become pathological in its pandering, and momentarily successful?  Are we that insecure in the strength of our own arguments?  Why have we taken leave of our wits?  Why do we insist on playing politics at the pace and to the timing of the left?

Reactive politics simply will not do.  Act like a minority, and we will remain a minority.  William F. Buckley once said that for generations, the Republican Party was treated as "comic relief" in Washington.  Do we want to go back there?  After all, there are enough clowns within the Beltway...see the vice presidential debate.

We know that the lack of critical thinking in our culture is no accident.  It is a condition carefully crafted by progressives who control the institutions of education and most of mass media.  So what?  One must go to war with what is at hand at the time of the emergency.  Each believer in republican values must become a winsome apostle and evangelist of the Truth.  The Truth, after all, is our greatest asset.

What color is reality?  Red, white, and blue.  Get out there and wave constitutionalism around as if your civic life depended upon it.  And for God's sake...stop whining, pandering, and dancing to the beat of the progressive drum!