Vive la famille! The French rally against gay marriage

American conservatives must take a close look at themselves and consider the sad state of our traditional mores: The French are doing a better job making the case for traditional marriage than is the American right. This piece from Libération tells it all. With three simple letters - PME, or "père, mère, enfant" - the protestors stated the no-nonsense, no-beating-around-the-bush reason not to legalize same-sex marriage. "Father, mother, child." Here's a snippet with my admittedly amateurish translation (send complaints to my old high school teachers from Williamsville South High School, circa 1985): A huge wave. Of Catholics? "No, citizens!" a man answers. Tens of thousands of people (70,000 according to the mayor's office) were arrayed this afternoon in Paris to protest against the planned law by which the government shall legalize homosexual marriage. Among them, many rightist voters, some are experiencing their first protest. Pink balloons, spelling out: "No to gay marriage," a...(Read Full Post)