Our Winter of Discontent?

First Hostess has to fold its operations because of union demands, now we have this.

Employees at Los Angeles International Airport were considering plans Friday to walk off the job on what is traditionally the busiest traveling day of the year.

A coalition of Southland labor and community leaders are calling for the protest of alleged violations by LAX contractor Aviation Safeguards (AVSG) after breaking their contract with the airport earlier this year.

There are also planned walkouts on Black Friday by those trying to organize the left's least favorite corporation, Wal-mart.

These seem timed by the unions to achieve the desired effect. The Michigan amendment to enshrine collective bargaining in that state's constitution failed. Americans in general were livid to hear stories of unions turning away nonunionized utility crews and thus slowing down the Hurricane Sandy cleanup for countless thousands without power. Yes, the unions drove the turnout efforts that put Obama over the tops and yes, they want to be paid back, but the nation's larder is bare. Maybe if Obama had less disdain for Great Britain he'd have learned how heavy-handed union activity in hard economic times can create a backlash against the prounion political party.