Virginia to Vote on Property Rights

Question 1 on the ballot for Virginians this Tuesday is whether to adopt a constitutional amendment to protect private property owners from damage or under-fair market taking of their property through eminent domain. That Virginia even needs a constitutional amendment to protect this most basic of all American notions -- private property rights -- is evidence enough of a more serious problem.  It turns out that the greatest violators of property rights are our local governments.  While many of us are fixated on the theft of rights and lawbreaking at the federal level, local governments have made an unusual set of allies in the property rights battle:  business cronies and anti-private property groups posing as environmental conservationists.  Using tactics equivalent to what organized crime might do if it had the power to make law, local governments are property bullies, and right under our noses. You'd think it would seem boorish and quite un-American that anyone...(Read Full Post)