Obama's Revenge

The President of the United States, the self proclaimed healer of that which divides us, delivered a speech in which he spoke of  "revenge."  These words were spoken to his typical under informed adoring crowd before whom he explained that this revenge can only manifest itself by voting for him, Barack Obama.

Revenge's definition:

1. to exact punishment or expiation for a wrong on behalf of, especially in a resentful or vindictive spirit:

2. to take vengeance for; inflict punishment for; avenge

Perhaps Obama's call for revenge was just a little dose of Reverend Wright shining through.  That look on his face made me think we were a few sentences away from the "G-D---- America" thing. Those 20 years in the mad Reverend's audience planted some evil seeds that pop out every now and then, didn't they?  The more off teleprompter comments this man makes, the more he reveals himself.

Per the definition provided, revenge involves the concept of retribution. It deals with vengeance, vindictiveness, and resentfulness. For there to be this revenge or retribution, there first must be an unjust damage or harm inflicted. Apparently, in Obama's world of the Progressive Socialist Communal Left, there is a group that has been harmed by the likes of Mitt Romney.

Get revenge. Vote for me.

This little slip explains much of the past four years.  His lack of effort to compromise with those with whom he apparently holds a grievance is now explained.  Obama would rather deal with the concepts of revenge rather than the concept of compromise.

The President is fomenting class warfare, pure and simple.  Obama infers that his audience has been unduly and unjustly harmed by some unfair system that he promises to end if he can just get four more years.  Obama is in a constant state of convincing his audiences that they are victims of the unfairness that is the free market system and the American system. As he noted in his NPR radio interview in 2001, Obama feels that the government should be directed to do more for the people.  Consequently, anyone that promotes limited government is an opponent of this concept, of Obama, and is therefore a harming force that deserves some type of revenge.

The growing rolls of food stamp and disability recipients in poorly monitored systems is his gift.

I venture to guess that never in the history of the United States has a President, or even a presidential candidate, ever suggested that casting a vote is a revengeful act.  Mr. Obama, you certainly have attempted to take the country in a new direction. Farewell.